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While our rotational program is currently suspended due to COVID, we are always interested in hearing from and learning about churches who may be interested in participating in our program. Please contact our office at (610) 444-0400 or email at


Family Promise of Southern Chester County provides food, shelter, and the support that families need during this time of crisis.  By employing this multi-pronged approach, we work to achieve a sustainable, self-sufficient livelihood for families and their children experiencing homelessness in Southern Chester County.

Host Congregations take turns 4 times per year hosting guests in their buildings for one week at a time during evenings and overnights. Family Promise provides the sleeping cots. The Host Congregations provides the bedding and other items and sets up a space in available rooms to serve as temporary bedrooms for each of the guest families. We encourage congregations to provide separate rooms for the privacy of their guests, but facilities without these accommodations can provide dividers. Host Congregations must have enough space to host up to four separate families — up to fourteen people — at a time. Showers and laundry facilities are available at the Resource Center, so it is not necessary for congregations to have these amenities. Host Congregations are responsible for transporting the cots, setting up the temporary bedrooms, and cleaning and rearranging after the Family Promise of Southern Chester County guests have moved to the next congregation.

Host Congregations are assisted by Support Congregations who provide volunteers to help with meals, fellowship and overnight stays.  Host Congregations and Support Congregations divide duties up between themselves. Support Congregations may provide volunteers to spend time and provide fellowship with guests during dinner and evening hours as well as volunteers to stay overnight. Support Congregations may also provide assistance with breakfast and lunch supplies for the families.

Each Host Congregation has a Volunteer Coordinator to communicate with the Family Promise Executive Director and provide overall direction during their hosting week.. The Host Congregation’s Volunteer Coordinator communicates directly with the Support Congregation’s Volunteer Coordinator to work together on a volunteer schedule, a menu for the week, and other necessary activities.

The Family Promise of Southern Chester County staff works closely with the congregations throughout the process and is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Host and Support Congregations are welcome to and often support Family Promise of Southern Chester County financially through their budgets, but this is not a requirement.


Local houses of worship provide temporary overnight lodging in otherwise unused spaces in their buildings. A host congregation team of volunteers may be involved with the following:


  • Cooking and hosting dinner

  • Spending the evening with families, talking, tutoring kids or playing games

  • Sleeping overnight in the congregation

  • Coordinating children’s crafts & activities

  • Donating necessary supplies for the hosting week

  • Setting up and breaking down guest families’ rooms


  • Families stay overnight, not 24 hours a day

  • Each congregation hosts families for just one week, four times a year

  • Guests consist of only two to four families   (14 children & adults max)

  • Family Promise runs criminal background checks and drug screenings on all program participants


  • A Family Promise of Southern Chester County driver transports the families to and from the host facility and carries their bedding and luggage to each new host location

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