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Why Affordable Housing Matters

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Imagine for a minute that you're standing there with your family and all you have is each other and the clothes on your back. Unfortunately, this is a harsh reality for many people and families. This is due to the increase in housing cost.

Affordable housing options give these families and single people the opportunity to have a better quality of life overall. This with many other reasons is why we need more affordable housing. Continue reading below to learn more!

Improves Social Structure

If a community doesn't have affordable housing options, then its diversity suffers. In order to keep diversity strong in a community, affordable housing options need to be available. With this type of housing placed in a community, more families and people, in general, will have a place there.

Improves the Economy

Businesses in a community are most successful when their employees have housing options nearby. When affordable housing is placed within a community, it creates more working families and school attending students to boost the economy. Having housing that's affordable means that families will thrive here even if a financial burden hits them.

Because families can afford to move in here and permanently live here, it creates a growing population for the community. 

Provides Better Opportunities

Affordable housing opens the doors for much better opportunities for families. This type of living allows families to find stability, independence, financial freedom, and better overall health. Not only do the parents receive better opportunities and the chance to make a good life for themselves and their children, but children also receive more opportunities. 

Children have access to better health conditions and more stability, which affects how they thrive in their schooling. 

Creates More Jobs

The development of affordable housing creates job opportunities for people within the community. This is also another way how it boosts the economy. Many of the job opportunities that affordable housing development creates are in architecture, construction, property management, maintenance, engineering, and much more. 

Many of these jobs become permanent. As the development takes place and after families move in, the community benefits from an increase in consumer spending, a decrease in evictions and foreclosures, and more.

Builds Sustainable Communities

When affordable housing allows families to live normal lives in a community, they aren't the only ones benefiting. The community itself and the surrounding communities also benefit. Creating this housing reduces overcrowding, increase the property value of housing in the area, and attracts more businesses. 

If a community gives to its residents, the residents will give back making it sustainable.

Affordable Housing Options Are a Necessity

Affordable housing options isn't something that is simply wanted by low-income families, they're a necessity for the community. This housing gives families the opportunity to get off the streets and become an equal and active part of the community. Interested in how you can help?

Click here to learn more about how you can make a difference and give back to the community as well.