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Meet Sadie - A Family Story

Finding Hope
Monday, October 14, 2019

In the beginning of this year, Sadie found herself in a situation that was out of her control.  It led to her losing her home, her job and needing to recover physically and emotionally.  Sadie shares, “I remember being completely lost, not knowing where to turn.  I went to Connect Points where a wonderful person, Anthony, pointed me to Family Promise.  Getting into the program and the help I received in the whole process was tremendous.”

Sadie is so grateful to the staff and volunteers for believing in her every step of the way.  One person was a very strong advocate in removing barriers that came up along the way. “That person was Omar.  From the moment I met him he believed in me more then I believed in myself. He helped me see things about myself and my situation and instead of talking about what was wrong with my situation he made a plan with me about how to overcome what I was going through. He never once made me feel like what was going on in my life was bigger than what I could accomplish which gave me hope to overcome all that I did,” shares Sadie. 
Sadie realized through this process that she needed to believe in herself.  Even through the hard days, Sadie found her strength in pushing through, knowing that she could accomplish and overcome anything.
Sadie has now moved into her own home and has progressed in her personal and life goals.  She has her “dream job” as a full time Business Coordinator at a dental office 0.7 miles away from her home. She received the salary she needed to support herself and her son. Sadie has been busy making her house a home again and starting many new beginnings. Sadie has been in therapy with a personal goal to better herself for her and her son. But, the number one professional goal that Sadie has been able to accomplish is starting in a dental assistance program in June 2019 through Family Promise's Back to School Program.  She is expecting to graduate in August as a certified dental assistant.
When we asked what Sadie would like to share with everyone at Family Promise, this is what she said. "I first want to say "thank you" for EVERYTHING you do and have done. I also want to say that even on the days we barely have anything to say or we are standoffish that we appreciate what you do. Please never give up trying to talk to us and break down our walls. Don't stop trying to give us a friendly hug or greeting us with your warm smile. Even on the days when I didn't have much to say, having you beside me, without saying anything at all, was the highlight of my entire day. I’ve met such amazing people during the hardest time of my life. Knowing that so many different people from all over came together out of the kindness of their heart to make my day better gave me hope that I wasn't as alone as I thought. Even if people couldn't relate, they each helped me feel wanted.  Thank you for loving me like I was your own, you will always matter.”
We asked Sadie, what is your favorite thing about being in your own home?  “My favorite thing about being in my own home is having my own space and peace. I like that I get to take everything that I've been through and apply it to my own space to make it my sanctuary. But my favorite thing was seeing the look on my son's face, to be able to give him his own room and the see the joy in his eyes about being in a place he calls his home. There is nothing more fulfilling then having your own space and being proud to call a place your home and make it that.”
Sadie looks forward to volunteering at Family Promise, to give others the support to get through a tough time.