Our Impact

The solution to family homelessness exists in every community. Family Promise  of Southern Chester County connects those community resources and solutions to the people who need them to alleviate homelessness in Southern Chester County.

Family Promise of Southern Chester County ensured that over 100 children and their parents have warm beds to sleep in and a place to call home.


Family Promise of Southern Chester County utilizes the time and talents of hundreds of volunteers and a network of congregations to provide over 10,000 meals and 3,500 bed nights annually for families experiencing homelessness in our community.


We believe that families should stay together—not be separated—during a difficult time in their life. Families achieve stability and success together. Under our program, children can continue to go to the same school They keep the same friends, are educated by the same teachers, and their education is not interrupted. We arrange for transportation to school and provide a home address that students can use.


Our families take an average of 60 days to find stable housing because of our intensive case management and community support that continues even after families leave the program. Our goal is for families to achieve long-term sustainability and independence in their home.


We have mobilized hundreds of your neighbors as volunteers who make a tremendous difference for individual families and in their communities as a whole, making them better places to live.  If you are interested in volunteering, please click here.


We are working hard to change perceptions and challenge the stigmas of homelessness. Chester County has a high cost of living, and the opportunities to create income do not match the available housing. There are organizations in our area coming together to address this housing disparity issue, but in the meantime we must provide support to the families that get caught in the gap. What many people do not know about families experiencing homelessness is that they don’t always fit the stereotype of what you may imagine a “homeless person” to look like. Often, both parents are working multiple jobs, but there are still gaps with the cost of housing. Their kids go to school with your kids, and they may be sitting next to you at the grocery store, the doctor’s office, or in church. In Southern Chester County, where rents are rising but wages have not kept pace, it could be something as simple as a car breaking down or a family member becoming sick that could compromise a family’s housing situation. Transportation is another big obstacle for families living in our community. With no public transportation, it is not uncommon to see workers walking or riding bicycles to get to work. With children in the local school systems, family living nearby, and jobs in the immediate area, the reality is that most families must try to balance low wages with the high cost of living in Chester County. Family Promise is here to help them navigate that gap when it occurs.


The Family Promise of Southern Chester County program costs 70% less to operate than a traditional shelter by utilizing existing community resources, with the added benefit of keeping families together and in their own community so they can continue attending work and school while they get back on their feet.



Sheltered nights


Families achieved sustainable housing and maintained housing for one year


Meals Served