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Our Testimonials

Family Promise of Southern Chester CountyAlumni Family who continues to remain in permanent housing

"I had my first baby at 16. It was an up and down struggle from there - minimum wage jobs trying to support myself and my children. I finally hit rock bottom in July of 2019.  I had to leave the home of a family member we were with.  We had NO WHERE TO GO! For the first time I had no solution as a mother to care for her kids. I called at least 70 places all around PA and DE hoping someone would take in such a large burden.  Family promise was my LAST HOPE!!  I would be lost if my children were taken away. After so many years of being told no or I cannot help you, I started losing faith and hope. When Family Promise accepted us, it was the scariest, bravest most ready feeling ever!  I did not know what was ahead of me, but I was ready! Family Promise change my life!"

Shannon, Family Promise of Southern Chester County Board Member

“I’m very proud that Family Promise provides a step forward for families experiencing a temporary set back. Our program addresses underlying problems and co-creates a brighter future. We’re solution focused and help families navigate obstacles to their get basic needs met and then remain stably housed. I’m happy to contribute to an organization that creates great outcomes. “ 

Family Promise of Southern Chester County Alumni

These are the words from one of our Family Promise SCC alumni who once thought her only choice was to sleep in her car with her family and now, after graduating from our program, is waiting to move into a new Habitat For Humanity home. 

“When everyone turned their back on me, Family Promise opened its arms. . . I have a place to call home.” 

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